Section 5 — How Do I Choose Good Spiritual Food?  

We have begun our last two weeks of Lent. In our final sections, we will look at how to choose and keep choosing good spiritual food. Over the last four weeks, we have looked at what it means to be unsatisfied, what you may have put on your plate that has filled you but left you unfulfilled, and how those things got on your plate. You chose something to take out of your life for Lent, something you depended on too much and had become too big in your life.

We looked at the filling things you may put on your plate that leave you unsatisfied—people-pleasing, success, pride, technology, apathy, self-pity, and others. We looked at how those things got onto your plate—through deception, covetousness, and filling a void left when you stop going to God for your needs.

Then we looked at just a few of the amazing things God offers—unconditional love, the nourishment of the Word of God, Christ’s presence, power, and pruning, salvation, abundant life, and the Holy Spirit.

You know some of the good things to put on your plate, so let us now look at how to choose them. It is one thing to know something in your head, but quite another to apply it to your life. So this week, let us look at repenting, changing your taste buds, loving God with everything you have, saying no, being content with what you have, and being wholehearted and grateful.

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