Section 1 — Am I Unsatisfied

Are you unsatisfied?

I picked that word deliberately. Dissatisfied means you experienced something and did not like it. Unsatisfied means you were left unfulfilled. Something about the     experience was simply…lacking.

Maybe the answer is no. You have a wonderful relationship with God and feel close to Him. If so, keep going and help others along the way.

Maybe your plate is full and you are outwardly successful, but God feels like a distant relative rather than a personal, loving Father. Maybe your plate has things that amuse and entertain but contains no real nourishment. Maybe you are running so fast you have not even had time to think about it.

And maybe…you have become too easily satisfied. Somewhere along the way, God became someone to schedule in rather than the center of your life.

During our first four days of Lent, we will explore the concept of being unsatisfied. That is actually a good place for us to be as Christians. We are called to be in the world, but not of it. We should not be satisfied with what the world offers, but should seek to be nourished by what God offers.

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