Section 2 — What Is On My Plate?

In this section, we move from the question “Am I unsatisfied?” to “What is on my plate?” What is on your plate that fills you for the moment but in the long run leaves you unsatisfied? For the next two weeks, we will explore the subjects of people-pleasing, success, self-sufficiency, pride, bitterness, busyness, and several others. 

Some days, you will read the devotional and think, “that does not apply to me.”  Other days, it will strongly resonate. You may feel angry or offended or want to stop reading or stop fasting. At that point, ask yourself if the enemy is trying to distract you, and if the Holy Spirit is convicting you and giving you an opportunity to repent and make changes in your life.

I have said this in sermons: “Only when I read the Bible do I have a desire to do laundry.” The enemy knows how to distract us. Satan cannot steal our salvation, but he does try sneaky little things to get our minds off of the Word so we do not grow in our faith. But Jesus Christ is greater. He will help us push through the distractions.

If you feel things derailing, ask for God’s help. He will give you strength. Call me and I will pray with you. Tell someone and ask that person to pray with you. Again, Lent is not meant to be easy, but transformational. Not because of my words, but because the Holy Spirit dwells within us, intercedes for us, helps us, convicts us, and encourages us. We worship a God who loves us and wants us to grow closer to Him.

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