Section 3 — How Did THIS Get On My Plate?

So far we have talked about whether you hunger and thirst for more of God or if you are too full of things of the world. If you are full, are you satisfied? Is there  something missing? As a way of fasting, you removed something from your life you felt you depended on too much, something that was “too big.”

We also talked about what things of this world are on your plate: people-pleasing, success, self-sufficiency, possessions, technology, busyness, bitterness, fear, pride, apathy, self-pity, and broken heartedness. What did you discover about yourself?

This week, we turn to the question of how these things ended up on your plate. How did you get caught up in pleasing other people? How did you get so busy that you moved God from the center of your life to the periphery?

It most likely happened so slowly you did not even realize it. Maybe you were deceived by the enemy. You may covet something else. Maybe God disappointed you in some way, and you replaced Him with things you thought would satisfy you. Maybe you need to recover your love of God—you definitely love Him, but you wonder if you love Him as much as you do other things in your life. Maybe you struggle because of plain old sin. Because we live after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit but before Jesus returns, we will always struggle with sin. Let us turn to our next question about how these things ended up on your plate.

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