Section 4 — What Food Does God Offer?  

So far on this Lenten journey we have looked at what it means to be unsatisfied, what you may have put on your plate that has filled you but left you unfulfilled, and how those things got on your plate.

The first four days, we talked about whether or not you were even hungry and thirsty for more of God. I challenged you to take something out of your life that you felt you depended on too much. How are you doing? Has it slowly made its way back in? How did it fulfill you in an unhealthy way? There was a reason you chose to remove it for Lent. Even if it has slipped back in, recommit to avoiding it for the rest of Lent.

For two weeks, we looked at the kinds of things you may have put on your plate that left you unsatisfied. We looked at people-pleasing, success, pride, technology, apathy, self-pity, and others. Then for a week we looked at how those things got onto your plate. Often, they slithered in slowly, filling a void that left when you stopped going to God for your needs. You also may have been deceived—the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Maybe you coveted something God said was off-limits.

This week, we are looking at what God offers. Now that you know what might be on your plate that is not spiritually good, and you know how it got there, it is time to look at the banquet God offers instead. What He has for us is far superior to what we have chosen for ourselves.

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