Friday, April 1 / Day 27  

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  — John 10:10

So far we have looked at the unconditional love of God, nourishment through reading God’s Word, Christ’s presence, power, and pruning, and salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

When these things are on your plate, they provide nourishment and crowd out the  other things you have turned to that you thought would satisfy you. When you embrace God’s love for you, you stop trying to please other people, or making success your god, or falling into self-pity.

Yesterday we looked at eternal life. Today we are looking at abundant life on earth. Salvation is assurance of eternal life with Christ. When you die, you will be in heaven with Jesus and all other believers. There will be no sin. There will be no death. There will be no pain.

But you can have abundant life here on earth as well. When you believe in Jesus Christ, it does not mean you will automatically have a life of sunshine and roses. But you can have joy. You can have peace that only God can give. You can embrace the love God has for you.

What tries to get in the way of that is the thief, also known as Satan. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He does not want you to have anything good. He is the one who tempts you to sin and says you will never be satisfied with God. He is the one who tries to pull you away from God. He is the one who entices you to fill your plate with all the things we have talked about throughout Lent—pride, bitterness, fear, success as our god, people-pleasing, etc.

But Jesus gives you abundant life here on earth. That is a life accepting God’s unconditional love, being nourished by the Word of God, focusing on bearing fruit vs. feeling like you have to produce things on your own, embracing salvation by grace through faith, and embracing who you are in Christ (more on this during Holy Week).

To Think/Pray About Today

In what way has the thief tried to steal your abundant life? How is your life different because you believe in Jesus?

Prayer Focus: Mom and Dad’s Dairy Bar

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