Section 6 — How Do I KEEP Choosing Good Spiritual Food?

We are in our final week of Lent…Holy Week. Over the last five weeks, we have looked at what it means to be unsatisfied, what you put on your plate you think will fill you, how those things get on your plate, and how to choose the things of God.

God offers amazing things—unconditional love, the nourishment of His Word, Christ’s presence, power, and pruning, salvation, abundant life, and the Holy Spirit. When you fill your plates with the good things of God, you are satisfied.

Last week we looked at how to choose those good things, how to move from head knowledge to heart knowledge. We looked at repenting for and renouncing your sins, changing your taste buds through fasting from things that have become too big in your life, loving God with everything you have, saying no when your behavior does not line up with scripture, being content with what you have rather than always striving for more, and being wholehearted and grateful.

This week we are looking at how to keep choosing those good things. How does this become a lifestyle? As we finish up our Lenten series, we will be talking about embracing who you are in Christ, carrying your own load (taking responsibility for yourself without taking too much responsibility for other people), rejoicing, taking a regular inventory of sin, continually clothing yourself in Christ, and resting in God.

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