Maundy Thursday, April 14 / Day 38  

Catch us the foxes, the little foxes, that ruin the vineyards—for our vineyards are in blossom.”  — Song of Solomon 2:15

This week we are looking at how to  continually choose the good things of God. Last week we began that process and now we are looking at how to make it a lifestyle. So far we have looked at     embracing who we are in Christ, growing in maturity, and rejoicing in the Lord no matter what the circumstances.

Today we are looking at taking a regular inventory of sin and learning to “catch” sins before they take root. During Lent you have looked at a lot of things you may have put on your plate—in many cases, without even realizing it. You may have been startled by the amount of bitterness in your life, or how often you gave into fear, or people-pleasing, or pride. You have identified how those things got onto your plate—you got envious of someone and coveted what he or she had, you were angry or disappointed with God and looked elsewhere for comfort, or perhaps you got apathetic in your faith.

You took time to repent and renounce and reset. You perhaps have already  decided to make some changes in your life—you realize you need to turn off the TV and get into the Word of God more, or keep practicing forgiveness toward someone who hurt you because while some of the bitterness is gone, some is hanging on.

What do you need to do to keep the momentum going once Lent is over? If you do nothing, those ungodly things will be back on your plate before you know it. You have done a lot of good work over the last several weeks. Do not let it go to waste. Take a regular look at your life and see if things are trying to sneak back in. You may need to repent again, and renounce, and make changes in your life so these things stay out. We will always sin this side of heaven. But we can also learn to catch our sins more quickly.

To Think/Pray About Today

Take time today to make a plan about what you will do once Lent is over. What have you learned during this season? What was on your plate that was taking up a lot of space in your life but leaving you unfulfilled? What changes do you need to make to keep that from happening? What new routines or attitudes do you need to cultivate?

Prayer Focus: Wanderlust

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